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Huangyan Taizhou Sen Bao Machinery Co., Ltd. to high-quality products, reasonable prices, first-class service concept and the responsibility of solemn commitment;

1.To ensure that the products are in accordance with the relevant standards to ensure that the product is qualified, unqualified products will not leave the factory. If the buyer is in accordance with the correct method of operation using the product, confirm that the product design, materials and processing defects Sen Bao Machinery Co., Ltd. assurance in 24 hours to make treatment plan, spot resolve to ensure that the first time sent professional and technical service personnel arrived at the plant of buyer, and do quality problems are not resolved service personnel not to evacuate. Major issues product free recall repair, replacement or a full refund of the order price, will not allow the buyer to bear any economic costs.

2.In any case, the buyer does not assume caused by defective products, labor, accessories, travel or other related joint expense.

3.Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Machinery Co., Ltd. to reach the buyer's factory within three days of technical service personnel must arrive at the buyer's factory for installation and commissioning and personnel training.

4.Machine any buyer can be 24 hours call Taizhou Huangyan Senbao Machinery Co., Ltd. technical staff, technical staff can not neglect to the buyer to solve the problem.

Service tenet:efficient and responsible